8 02 2011

From Sofia:

1. Clarette Florenta
2. Clarette Constantina
3. Clarette Herlanda
4. Clarette Despina
5. Clarette Tiberia
6. Clarette Miralda
7. Clarette Arsenia

My own (not yet well vetted):
Clarette Irmingard
Clarette Melisande
Clarette Ornella
Clarette Romilda
Clarette Rosmerta
Clarette Sigmunda
Clarette Sálome
Betty Clarette
Davy Clarette
Eloise Clarette
Elsa Clarette
Iris Clarette
Joyce Clarette
Mary Clarette
Naomi Clarette
Romilda Clarette
Sigmunda Clarette
Iris Cora Clarette

Clarette Despina Mary
Clarette Despina Rose
Clarette Herlanda Mary
Clarette Irmingard Rose
Clarette Miralda Rose
Clarette Tiberia Rose

Doris Romilda Clarette
Lucy Sigmunda Clarette


14 03 2009

Susan on my mind from here. I think it’s great. Beautiful, reserved, smart, complete, unselfconscious, feminine, refined, old, recognizable, all these wonderful things. I’ve even been toying around shortlisting it. It’s one of those S names like Simon that turns out golden-yellow instead of silver. Black-eyed Susans do this, I guess, although Susan’s definitely not as rich as the color of black-eyed susans.

Susan’s not rich. That’s a problem. I have gone through a long and lazy phase of throwing together 2-name combos and just having a really hard time with unrich ones. Only recently have I figured out that the solution is, of course, 3 names. Unrich | Rich is unbalanced; with a third name, it’s more spread out.

As I said, though, I’ve been way out of practice with 3 names, so Susan turned out to be really hard. I spat out like 30 last night, and a lot of them were really stupid; this morning I went to revisit them and pulled out a few I thought were salvagable and maybe even really nice.

I’m more interested in your combos, opinions on these combos, and combo advice than what you think of the individual name Susan.

Susan Ermengarde Agnes – Ermengarde is one of my very faves ever, I just think it’s gorgeous phonetically and has a gorgeous meaning (I interpret it “universal garden”). I thought that Agnes would go well with Susan and Ermengarde seemed the most successful there (I tried out Clementine and Josephine, but meh.)
Susan Eleanor Blythe
Susan Hedwig Adelaide – don’t tell me about the owl or about wig-related teasability, please, I’m not naming babies.
Susan Winifred
Susan Winifred Blythe
– oh I don’t like this very much.
Susan Laura Winifred
Susan Weaverbeard
Susan Primrose Edina
– Primrose could conceivably be for this man but really I just dig it
Susan Alice Kathleen – All of these names are like Susan; that is, not very rich. I’m not sure how I feel about all of them together.
Susan Primula Moth – Keep getting drawn back to this. Something’s wrong though.
Susan Hedwig Elizabeth

And 3 combos that also arose from that brainstorming session:

Edith Olivette
Agnes Richenza
Margalit Primrose

Thanks guys!